Pentagon press secretary: Security situation in Afghanistan is 'deteriorating'

JOHN KIRBY: Bret, we’re certainly watching this with deep concern. There’s no question that the security situation on the ground is deteriorating… and you saw that just over the course of the last few days, even more deterioration. So, we’re absolutely watching this with a measure of concern—no question about that.  


We’re obviously concerned about any resurgence of Al-Qaeda or any terrorist network in Afghanistan. It’s not like they all permanently left. We know that there are groups like ISIS that are still operating inside Afghanistan and one of the reasons why we are working hard to make sure we have in place over the horizon counterterrorism capabilities to be able to forestall any future threat emanating from Afghanistan to the homeland. The other thing, Bret, I would tell you is that the terrorism threat out of Afghanistan—at least as it regards to threats to our interests and our allies and partners outside and certainly at home— is greatly reduced from Afghanistan. That threat has largely metastasized elsewhere in places like northern Africa and so we’re mindful of that and we’re focused on that area as well. 


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