Pete Hegseth rips left for ‘illiberal’ outlook: ‘Control speech. Control words. Control minds.’

Hegseth: Leftists like Bernie Sanders’ field organizer Kyle Jurek, who last year was caught on tape — in a truth moment — by Project Veritas saying that Trump supporters needed to be re-educated like Nazis after World War II. They’re not liberals — they’re illiberal. Just like everything the left does, even the names they use are a lie. They say they’re progressives, but everything they do is regressive. They say they’re tolerant, but they’re actually the most intolerant people you’ll ever meet. You know it’s true. They say follow the science, but then ignore it when they don’t like it. They call themselves anti-racists — but no, they’re the racists. They support Antifa and call themselves anti-fascists — but nope, they are the fascists.

Author Jonah Goldberg — before he caught a nasty case of Trump Derangement Syndrome — and it’s bad – wrote the book on it titled “Liberal Fascism: The Secret History of the American Left.” It’s in my library at home. Check it out while you still can. I’m sure Amazon will ban it — and books like it — in due time. Control speech. Control words. Control minds. All control…

The left seeks control and now they nearly have it completely. And with Trump out of the way (they think) it’s full speed ahead. Now, it’s mop-up time. They’re coming for you, and they’re coming for me.


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