Pete Hegseth: Texas Democrats’ walkout on GOP-backed election bill a ‘stunt’ to avoid ‘doing their job’

PETE HEGSETH: This week Texas democrats tried something new. They chartered two private jets, loaded up a case of beer and fled to Washington D.C. Ahora, why did they do that? Because in Texas a minimum amount of lawmakers are required to be present in order to advance laws. By abandoning the state like huddled and heroic refugees, Texas Democrats can avoid their legal obligation to show up and actually do their jobAnd they get to temporarily prevent the Republican majority from protecting the ballot box… Hoy dia, the jet-setting and suddenly popular Texas Democrats took meetings with Chuck Schumer and Kamala Harris — both of whom managed to put their dereliction of duty into the proper historical context

So why did they go through all that effort to stall the inevitable? Because it’s not just about the Lone Star State. The Texas Democrats fled the front lines, they’ve retreated from the voting rights equivalent of ‘the Civil War.’ Not to surrender, but to draft federal reinforcements

This is a stunt. This is about HR1. This is about federal control of elections. This is about Nancy Pelosi. The plan is in motion, the country is watching. And the Texas Democrats are loving their newfound media attention.


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