Peter Meijer, who flew to Afghanistan this week, says Congress needs to reclaim war powers authority

我ら. 担当者. Peter Meijerミシガン spoke out after at least 13 我ら. サービスメンバー and dozens of Afghans were killed at the Kabul airport.

“今晩, I grieve with the families. 明日, we work to do everything we can to ensure no other family suffers a tragedy like this,” Meijer wrote on Twitter.

My heart is absolutely broken after today’s horrific attack against Marines at Kabul Airport’s Abbey Gate. I struggle to put together the right words knowing the pain that 13 家族, and their fellow Marines, are going through tonight. No talk can ease that suffering,” he wrote in another tweet.


Pentagon officials said 10 Marines, as well as two Army soldiers and one Navy corpsman, died in the attack.

Meijer said the service members should not have been put in such a dangerous situation at the airport, 責める “バイデン大統領’s reckless withdrawalfor giving themno other choice.

Meijer was one of two congressmen who faced bipartisan backlash for making an unauthorized trip to Afghanistan this week while the U.S. military was frantically trying to get Americans and Afghan allies out of the country amid the Taliban takeover.

我ら. 担当者. Seth Moulton, D-マス。, accompanied Meijer on the trip. Both men are military veterans who served in Iraq. They said they flew commercial to the United Arab Emirates and then took a plane to Kabul to see what was going on on the ground. They were advised to leave Kabul on a military plane but made sure they didn’t take a needed seat, Meijer said.

我ら. 担当者. Peter Meijer, R-Me。, is seen in Grand Rapids, ミシガン, 10月. 14, 2020. (AP通信)

我ら. 担当者. Peter Meijer, R-Me。, is seen in Grand Rapids, ミシガン, 10月. 14, 2020. (AP通信)