Peter Navarro speaks out on DOJ's reason given for arrest

PETER NAVARRO: Let’s start with the media circus. When they arrested me at the airport and wound up putting me in leg irons, I was in solitary confinement for almost 3 hours while the FBI leaked my arrest to the press within nanoseconds and grabbing me with five armed FBI agents. Look, the facts are the facts, Sean. They grabbed me, put me in leg irons. They went down to Mar-a-Largo with a battalion of FBI agents. Both President Trump and I were cooperating with the National Archives, and the Justice Department is a disproportionate response they weaponized. 


Now, here’s the thing, Sean, that brief today that they filed was a cover their ass brief. It was lies by omission. It’s a two plus two arithmetic. Two days. Sean two days before they grabbed me at that airport, I called the FBI agent Walter… the arresting agent and said, Hey, Walter, whatever you need, whatever you need, I’m happy to cooperate. I had an inkling they might be doing something. And I said, Hey, Walter, whatever you need, right? And two times before that, this is the other two, I willingly and peacefully accepted subpoenas by email, first from the coronavirus subcommittee and then from the select committee. So I had a pattern of peaceful cooperation in receiving subpoenas. So what they said was just a cover their ass thing. The bigger issue here, Sean, and this is what they’re afraid of. We in our discovery motion want to find out exactly who made the decision to do that public arrest and put me in leg irons. Why did they do it and why, for example, if I committed the crimes they said I did, why didn’t they charge, for example, Dan Scavino and Mark Meadows as they did me? That’s what they call selective prosecution. 





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