Phil Robertson, Alyssa Milano spoor teen wetsontwerp op koronavirus: ‘Politici sit mense sonder werk’

Phil Robertson, Alyssa Milano spoor teen wetsontwerp op koronavirus: 'Politicians put people out of work'

Phil Robertson en Alyssa Milano are sounding off about the latest coronavirus package because they believe it doesn’t provide nearly enough relief to Americans.

The Senate on Monday aligned with the House and passed the $ 900 billion COVID-19 relief package and government funding plan. It’s now off to President Trump’s desk for approval.

Robertson, the TV patriarch of “Eend-dinastie,” appeared perturbed by the bill in a lengthy Instagram-plasing in which he accuses politicians of putting citizens in dire straits amid the global health crisis.

Politicians put people out of work, killed small businesses, and said it was to protect us. And now Congress wants to send Americans $ 600 for their troubles?” Robertson, a staunch conservative and President Trump backer, begins his caption posted late Monday.


Phil Robertson on Monday railed against the latest coronavirus relief package, which will now head to President Trump's desk for approval.

Phil Robertson on Monday railed against the latest coronavirus relief package, which will now head to President Trump’s desk for approval. (Paul Drinkwater/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images via Getty Images)

Die vorige werklikheid TV star says he cannotput his faithbehind apork-filled bill.

Here’s what I know after more than 7 decades on this earth: One kingdom-minded redneck can help a down-and-out redneck better than the government ever could. If we turn that responsibility over to the government and let ungodly legislators determine how to help us and how to spend our money, there’s no doubt our money will be used for ungodly ends,” the 74-year-old star continues.

Robertson said now is the timeto fight for the right to decide how to use our money to care for the poor, minister to the needy and advance the message of Jesus.


He declared it will takeevery citizen of the kingdomto come together in the coming year to heal the nation.

Similarly, Milano, known for her widespread support of president-elect Joe Biden and criticism of Trump, said she believes the bill falls short.

I would have so much more respect for members of Congress if instead of tweeting their contentment with this ‘reliefbill they said, ‘It’s not good, we know, but we had to get something passed. Biden will be here soon and we can get some real relief to the American people,'” Milano tweeted late Monday.


In another tweet, Milano criticized the $ 600 direct stimulus payment most Americans would receive if the president signs off on it.

“Tussen 30 en 40 million families are at risk of eviction, but Congress can only afford $ 600 per person. I’m sure the $ 500 MILLION in arms and military aid to Israel and the $ 2 BILLION for Air Force missiles will help keep them warm when they are on the streets,” she penned on the platform.

The relief package was passed by the Senate Monday afternoon by a 92-6 vote after the House approved it by 359-53. Lawmakers tacked on a $ 1.4 trillion catchall spending bill.

The bill combines coronavirus-fighting funds with financial relief for individuals and businesses. It would establish a temporary $ 300 per week supplemental jobless benefit along with a new round of subsidies for hard-hit businesses, restaurante, and theaters and money for schools, health care providers and renters facing eviction.

President Trump’s signature is expected in the coming days.

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