Philadelphia police killed a man in a shooting that raises questions, chief says. Then 30 officers were hurt in protests

At least 30 Philadelphia officers were injured as protests erupted overnight after police shot and killed a man who waved a knife while standing on a city street.

The shooting, which the police commissioner swiftly acknowledged “raises many questions,” is the latest to draw national attention to fatal use of force by police following months of protests over the issue.
The incident Monday led to the death of Walter Wallace in West Philadelphia, according to a statement from Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney.
“I have watched the video of this tragic incident and it presents difficult questions that must be answered,” Kenney said.
    “I spoke tonight with Mr. Wallace’s family, and will continue to reach out to hear their concerns first-hand, and to answer their questions to the extent that I am able. … I look forward to a speedy and transparent resolution for the sake of Mr. Wallace, his family, the officers, and for Philadelphia.”
    Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw has said she is fully committed to a complete investigation and “felt the anger of the community.”
    “I have directed the Officer Involved Shooting Investigation Unit to begin its investigation,” Outlaw said in a statement. “I recognize that the video of the incident raises many questions. Residents have my assurance that those questions will be fully addressed by the investigation.
    “While at the scene this evening, I heard and felt the anger of the community,” she said. “Everyone involved will forever be impacted. I will be leaning on what the investigation gleans to answer the many unanswered questions that exist. I also plan to join the Mayor in meeting with members of the community and members of Mr. Wallace’s family to hear their concerns as soon as it can be scheduled.”

    What police say led up to the shooting

    Police said the incident started with a call about a man with a knife, CNN affiliate KYW reported.
    “Responding officers witnessed a male on the block. Immediately they noticed he had a knife in his possession and he was brandishing it, and waiving it erratically,” Philadelphia Police Sgt. Eric Gripp told KYW.
    Cell phone video recorded from inside a nearby vehicle captured the final moments of the confrontation. Wallace first can be seen walking around parked cars, crossing into the street from one side across to the other.
    A woman appears to be trying to intervene to help him as two male police officers in the street point their guns at him, the video shows. As Wallace comes around a parked car into the street, the two officers can be seen backing up as he walks towards them.
    Multiple shots ring out as police fire, striking him.
    Gripp told KYW that an officer took Wallace in his police cruiser to Presbyterian Hospital, “where unfortunately he succumbed to his injuries.”
    Witness Maurice Holoway told KYW that he and others in the neighborhood had pleaded with Wallace to drop the knife and that he wishes the call to police didn’t lead to the man’s death.
    “Shoot him in his leg, or not shoot him at all,” Holoway said.
    Police have not released any information on the status of the police officers.
    The Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #5 President, John McNesby is asking for everyone to “wait for the investigation to complete and not to meetly vilify the police department,” according to KYW.
    Police officers secure the scene of a police-involved shooting that left a man dead on Monday in Philadelphia.

    30 officers injured, including 1 hit by a truck

    Anger over the incident led to violence overnight, and Philadelphia police said at least 30 officers were injured during protests, according to a police press release obtained by CNN affiliate WPVI.
    Most of the injured officers were hit by projectiles, but at least one “was struck by a pickup truck – she sustained a broken leg and various other injuries,” police said, according to WPVI.
    That officer was taken to a hospital. The other 29 injured officers were treated and released.
      In addition, five police vehicles were vandalized, and multiple businesses were looted across the city, the police said.
      At least 10 people were arrested.

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