Philadelphia severs ties with Covid-19 testing and vaccine organization after losing 'trust in them'

Die stad Philadelphia het die bande met 'n Covid-19-entstofverskaffer gesny, sê dit verloor “vertroue in hulle as organisasie,” ná 'n rits omstrede bewegings deur die groep en sy 22-jarige uitvoerende hoof, who admitted Thursday he took vaccine doses and administered them to four friends.

Daarbenewens, Philly Fighting COVID (PFC) unexpectedly shuttered its Covid-19 testing operations to focus on vaccine administration and changed from a nonprofit organization to a for-profit entitya shift the health department said it learned about from local news outlets.
Concerns were also raised about changes to PFC’s privacy policy that would allow it to sell patientsdata collected through their online registration site, according to a report from a local news outlet.
Trust is the most important thing we have when giving out vaccine, and we couldn’t ask Philadelphians to trust an outfit that we no longer trusted,” James Garrow, a spokesman for Philadelphia’s Department of Public Health, told CNN on Thursday. “So we immediately ended the relationship.
    The department announced Tuesday itwill no longer work with Philly Fighting COVID to provide testing or vaccines, onmiddellik van krag,” following local news reports of growing concerns around PFC’s operations.
    WHYY, a public news outlet, berig op Januarie 20 that the PFC’s sudden shift to a profit-making business tofocus on vaccine operationsleft some Philadelphia communities and residents without testing with no warning.
    WHYY later reported on PFC’s updated privacy policy, which Garrow told the outletcould allow the organization to sell data collected through PFC’s pre-registration site,” though the city has no proof any data was sold. PFC’s CEO has denied it ever sold any data.
    Boonop alles, 22-year-old CEO Andrei Doroshin said in an interview on NBC’s “Vandag” on Thursday he had taken Covid-19 vaccines intended for eligible recipients and administered them to four of his friends.
    Doroshin said he was trying to prevent the doses from going to waste and that he couldn’t find anyone else who might need the vaccine more than his friends before they expired.
    The doses were about to expire,” he told NBC. “We called everybody we knew. Every single person.
    CNN has reached out to Doroshin for comment but has not heard back.

    Group vaccinated approximately 6,800 mense

    Op Dinsdag, after the city announced it would no longer supply PFC with vaccines, Doroshin said in a statement he never hid the group’s intentions to transition to a for-profit business.
    Vaccinating large groups of people takes resources, manpower, and ultimately financial help. … We have always intended on scaling up the number of clinics to eventually vaccinate more people (we have been working for months on plans to scale-up vaccinations and have shared them with the city) and money is needed to do that,” hy het gesê.
    Doroshin said his PFC never had andnever would sell, deel, or disseminate any data we collected as it would be in violation of HIPAA rules,” en dit “problematiclanguage in the company’s privacy policy has been removed.
    He also stated that his company pivoted from testing to providing vaccines becausewe did not have enough resources to do both and made a choice to vaccinate as many people as quickly as possible, as we believe that is what will help end this pandemic.
    Ongeveer 6,800 people received their first of two vaccine doses from PFC, volgens die maatskappy. The city’s health department says it is contacting everyone who received those doses to scheduled their second dose with another facility.
    Philly Fighting COVID plans to have a news conference on the matter Friday, volgens die Philadelphia Inquirer.

    Allegations ‘are serious,’ AG says

    Philly Fighting COVID was first awarded a contract from the city to provide Covid-19 testing services in August 2020, according to Garrow, the spokesman for the city’s department of health. Op daardie stadium, the group presented itself as a nonprofit.
    Doroshin had previously been the subject of positive news coverage, focusing on his group’s initial efforts to use a 3D printer to make face shields for hospital workers, before turning to testing, Volgens an NBC News report earlier this month.
    It was mid-January when the health departmentheard rumors of canceled testing events,” but contracted testing providers are allowed to set their own schedules.
    The health department later learned through news reports that PFC had canceled all of its testing events in mid-January, despite the fact the group is contracted to provide those services through January 31.
    Garrow said Doroshin hadmentioned off-handedlythe group was considering switching to a for-profit entity in early January and was told it wouldn’t be an issue, since the city has vaccine providers who are both for-profit and nonprofit. But the health department learned the change took place in December without its knowledge after news outlets informed health officials.
    Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner’s office is reviewing allegations against Philly Fighting COVID, according to a spokeswoman for the office.
      In his own statement, Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro said the allegationsare serious and any consumers who believe they have been misled should file a complaint with our office,” either by phone or online.
      Taking advantage of people and their privacy under the guise of serving as a nonprofit is not only unethicalit can also be against Pennsylvania law,” Shapiro gesê.

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