Philippines' Duterte says he won't withdraw ships from contested waters

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has rebuffed a call from China to withdraw vessels from disputed areas of the South China Sea and said he would not bow to pressure, even if it jeopardizes his friendship with Beijing.

The Philippines has boosted its presence in contested areas of its Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), including Thitu island, near Chinese military installations, in defiance of the months-long presence of hundreds of Chinese boats it believes are manned by militia.
Duterte’s remarks in a televised address aired on Friday come as pressure builds on him to abandon his pursuit of close ties with China and stand up to what his defense chiefs say are blatant provocations.
    We have a stand here, and I want to state it here and now again that our ships therewe will not move an inch backward,” Duterte said.
      El mes pasado, China said the Philippines muststop actions complicating the situation and escalating disputesin response to a rare maritime exercise conducted by the Philippines.
        I do not want a quarrel, I do not want trouble. I respect your position, and you respect mine. But we will not go to war,” Duterte said.
        I will not withdraw. Even if you kill me. Our friendship will end here.
          There was no immediate response to a request for comment from the Chinese Embassy in Manila.
            Duterte has been criticized for refusing to press China to abide by a 2016 arbitration ruling on the South China Sea that went in Philippinesfavor.
            He drew flak last week for saying the landmark award was just apiece of paperhe could throw in the trash. In his televised address, he said hebelieves in the entiretyof that ruling.

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