Physician explains why heterodox views on COVID led to his Republican conversion

DR. PIERRE KORY: Science should not be involved with politics, and I’m seeing these divisions breaking out in medicine that seem to be influenced by political allegiances. And I’m not for that. But when you look at some of the things that have been going on, we’re literally talking about disinformation boards and people going after my medical license because my scientific opinions are different from theirs and there’s this single truth. It’s extremely dystopian, and I find it really disorienting, and it’s bad for medicine. It’s bad for patients. The lack of self-awareness — of really what I’m seeing now from the Left and from Left-leaning media — that they’re abandoning their principles. I used to be for free expression, free speech and really questioning authority, and now they’re the authoritarians. And so like Elon [Musk], I’m very disoriented by it.


If you see how [박사. 파우치의] opinions have shifted over time — and that goes back to my point — we need open, 정직한, scientific, transparent debate. That’s how medicine advances. This is so bad for patients. For one person sitting atop the federal government health agencies telling us what is true and we’re not allowed to debate that or question — that’s not how medicine advances. That’s not how we discover how to help patients. It’s absolutely going to hurt medicine if he keeps doing this, 그리고 멈춰야 한다.

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