Piers Morgan slams Prince Harry over First Amendment comments, calls it 'Meghan-inspired psychobabble'

The Duke of Sussex has faced some backlash from American political figures after he appeared on the latest episode of Dax Shepard and Monica Padman’s “안락 의자 전문가” 팟 캐스트.

While chatting about life in Los Angeles – where Harry and wife 메건 마클 have settled since leaving the United Kingdom – the 36-year-old discussed the intense media scrutiny that resulted from his stay at film producer and actor Tyler Perry’s Beverly Hills mansion. 그는 특별히 파파라치 문제를 해결했습니다..

“저는 제 1 차 수정안 경로를 따라가는 것을 시작하고 싶지 않습니다. 왜냐하면 그것은 거대한 주제이고 제가 여기에 짧은 시간 동안 만 있었기 때문에 이해할 수없는 주제이기 때문입니다.,” Harry told the hosts. “그러나, 당신은 무엇이든 허점을 찾을 수 있습니다. 또한 말한 내용을 유지하기보다는 말하지 않은 내용을 활용하거나 활용할 수 있습니다.”


I’ve got so much I want to say about the First Amendment as I sort of understand it, but it is bonkers,” 그는 결론을 내렸다.

Piers Morgan slammed Prince Harry for comments he made about the First Amendment during a recent podcast interview.

Piers Morgan slammed Prince Harry for comments he made about the First Amendment during a recent podcast interview. (Getty Images/AP)

His comments seemed to incite a big reaction from Piers Morgan, who penned an op-ed to The DailyMail in which he took down the British royal for lambasting one of America’s most sacred institutions.

The First Amendment is one of the things I most admire about the United States, especially coming from a country like Britain where free speech for journalists like me is now heavily regulated,” 모건, 누가 최근에 left his job at “좋은 아침 영국” after ripping into Markle, 39, over comments she and Harry made during an interview with 오프라 윈프리.

Like so much of the absurd Meghan-inspired psychobabble that spews out of [Harry’s] mouth, none of this makes any sense, and he clearly doesn’t understand what he’s saying either.

메간 마클, PRINCE HARRY FACE가 팟 캐스트 외관에 따라 왕실 타이틀을 포기하도록 전화: 보고서

그만큼 Duke and Duchess of Sussex have previously taken on media outlets that have written about them in unfavorable ways, making the concept of freedom of the press and media saturation a topic close to home. 모건, 56, continued by lumping Markle in with her husband, noting that he believes their past brushes with the media put them at odds with the fundamental freedom of the press that America enjoys.

Though we can safely assume that he just hates anything which affords any protection to journalists to say things he doesn’t like because that has been a familiar theme from the indignant media-loathing Prince for the last few years,” Morgan wrote. “It’s the same mindset that makes Meghan think she can complain to the bosses of TV networks when presenters like me refuse to believe her liesand have them removed from their jobs if we don’t apologize for our impertinence.

He goes on to note that Americans will not take too kindly to having their First Amendment questioned by someone in Harry’s position.

엔터테인먼트 뉴스 레터를 구독하려면 여기를 클릭하세요.

All that Americans will take away from Harry’s outburst about the First Amendment is a posh, privileged British royal slamming their Constitution and their unalienable rights to freedom of speech and expression,” 그는 결론을 내렸다, 첨가, “It takes an extraordinary amount of entitled arrogance to mock the most revered building block of your adopted country’s history.

In addition to slamming the royal couple over Harry’s comments on the First Amendment, Morgan used his lengthy op-ed to sound off on other parts of the interview that vexed him such as talking about his upbringing in the privileged” 환경 of the royal family, likening it to being on The Truman Show,” “a zoo and noting thepain and suffering” 그의 아버지, 찰스 왕자, put him through.

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