Pipe bombs found near Capitol on January 6 were placed the night before, FBI says

Two pipe bombs near the Democratic and Republican party headquarters discovered on January 6 were planted the night before the insurrection at the Capitol, the FBI said Friday.

Federal authorities again increased the reward for information about the pipe bomber and released new details and photos of a suspect on Friday, underscoring the urgency the Justice Department is treating this angle of the investigation, which remains one of the most troubling mysteries for law enforcement.
A new wanted poster says the bombs were placed between 7:30 y 8:30 pm. en enero 5, the night before the insurrection.
The FBI also identified the suspect’s shoes as Nike Air Max Speed Turf shoes in yellow, black, and gray, and included enhanced photos of them, along with photos of the devices.
    The reward for information leading to the location, arrestar, and conviction of the person or people responsible for placing the bomb is now $ 100,000. The FBI and ATF had already increased the reward once — a $ 75,000 — a principios de este mes.
    At approximately 1:00 p.m. EST on January 6, 2021, multiple law enforcement agencies received reports of a suspected pipe bomb with wires at the headquarters of the Republican National Committee (RNC) located at 310 First Street Southeast in Washington, D.C. At approximately 1:15 pm. EST, a second suspected pipe bomb with similar descriptors was reported at the headquarters of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) a 430 South Capitol Street Southeast #3 in Washington, DCORRIENTE CONTINUA

      CNN was first to report Wednesday that the bombs were eight inches long, rigged to egg timers and filled with an explosive powder, according to a law enforcement official. Investigators have been scrutinizing the remains of the devices at the FBI lab in Virginia and urging the public to submit information, concerned that the bomber could still be at work.
      Esta historia se está rompiendo y se actualizará.




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