Pittsburgh Steelers ha comprato la cena per i lavoratori elettorali nella contea di Allegheny

Mentre le elezioni si estendono al suo terzo giorno, tutti gli occhi sono puntati sulla Pennsylvania. And one of the state’s professional football team is making sure its poll workers are well fed.

The Pittsburgh Steelers had bought dinner for its poll workers on Wednesday night, Alleghany County said. In un video shared on Twitter, the county thanked the Steelers for “pollo, rigatoni, veggies, rolls, pies and more.The county also condivisa a photo of several pies.
The caterer, Goose Express, told CNN it had delivered enough food for 65 people last night, paid for by the Steelers. “We figured it was a good opportunity to help them give back,” Amanda Wood, an employee who had delivered the food last night.
Legna, the restaurant’s wedding coordinator, offered to deliver the food since it was on her way home. She described the poll workers asso gratefulwhen they received the order.
    As votes continue to come in from the state, Allegheny County remains a key player. The county is the state’s second most populous, making it home for roughly 1.2 million people back in 2018.

    This isn’t the first time the Pittsburgh Steelers have gotten involved

    Members of the Steelers were featured in a PSA video encouraging voters to vote by mail back in September. The following month, the Steelers had partnered with a local foundation to donate 5,000 masks to election officials in Allegheny County.
      We’re professionally focused, but we have been talking continuously about being active participants in the political process and exercising our right to vote,” Mike Tomlin, the team’s coach, detto ESPN martedì. “It requires no special meeting or no point of emphasis today. We all know what today is.
      CNN has contacted the Pittsburgh Steelers for comment and is waiting to hear back.

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