Pizza to the Polls aims to feed hungry 2020 voters stuck in long lines

A staple at birthday parties, bar crawls and bowling, few foods bring Americans together like pizza. And this election season, a new group aims to bring America’s favorite pie to those stuck waiting in long lines.

Pizza to the Polls, a nonpartisan grassroots organization, has so far sent 2,068 pizzas to voters casting their ballots in 19 states around the country in the 2020 선거. The group hopes to grow its ground game even more as the election gets closerand the need is expected to grow.
There’s going to be a ton of lines this year,” Scott Duncombe, Pizza to the Pollsco-founder and director, CNN에 말했다. “And so we will hopefully be good to go and spend that pizza money as fast as it comes in.
그룹, formed in reaction to long lines during the 2016 선거, does not align with a political party. It started smallat a few polling places in Ohio, Florida and Illinois, the group’s website saysand then expanded to expecting itspizza delivery recruitsto supply hundreds of polling places in 2020.
    에 2018, Pizza to the Polls says, it provided almost 11,000 pizzas to 611 polling places in 41 주, according to the group’s website. The majority of the pizza is paid for by small-dollar donors, Duncombe said. “The average donation is under twenty bucks, so it’s just a lot of folks buying other people pizza.
    지금까지, Duncombe’s prediction of long lines in 2020 seems accurate. Although the coronavirus pandemic has led to an unprecedented use of absentee ballots, many Americans still plan to vote in person.
    Lengthy weight times were ubiquitous on Super Tuesdayincluding in densely populated states like Texas and California. And in June, long lines plagued Georgia, where voters waited for hours in the boiling heat.
    Jim O’Conner, a voter in Fairfax County, 여자 이름, CNN에 말했다 last week that he was voting in person to make sure his ballot was counted. “I don’t trust the mail right now, that’s why (I’m voting today). If I got to stand here all day, I’m going to vote today.
    Pizza to the Polls delivering pizza to voters waiting in lines in November 2018.

    Pizza to the Polls relies on social media to identify where its services are needed on Election Day. Voters who spot long lines on their social media feeds can submit the link to the group’s website, and Pizza to the Polls will verify the long line before sending over pizza.
    Due to the pandemic, Pizza to the Polls has implemented new safety measures in 2020.
    “전에, you could walk around with an open pizza box. 요즘, that’s not really what you want to be doing,” Duncombe said. The organization has begun to send clearer handoff instructions for delivery drivers, and recently, it provided food trucks to park around the outskirts of lines.
    Of all the foods in the world, 그러나, why pizza?
      먼저, there is a pizza place in almost every city in the country, Duncombe said. And as temperatures drop in November, “it helps to have something warm in your stomach.
      And lastly, “pizza brings people together,” Duncombe said. “It puts a smile on their face. And that’s exactly the kind of attitude we want to have going into the polling booth.

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