Pizza to the Polls: How to get free food when voting in-person

Pizza to the Polls: How to get free food when voting in-person

One slice of patriotism, please.

Pizza to the Polls wants no voter to go hungry, having already delivered over 13,600 pizzas ...에 737 polling places in 36 states this year. The nonprofit, nonpartisan group believes that “democracy is delicious” — so here’s how to score free food when voting in-person.

In a statement shared with Fox News, a spokesperson confirmed that hungry voters can tweet at Pizza to the Polls to report long lines at polling sites (와 “extra points for sharing a photo”) and confirm the location, and a nearby restaurant will deliver the food within about 90 minutes of the line being reported.


The group pledges to deliver pizza toany polling place in the US, as long as we can find a delivery place that services that location” for its signature, on-demand program. 거기에서, all are welcome to dig into the free ‘za – poll workers, poll watchers, 유권자, 아이들, and anyone else on-site.

In another patriotic pitch, the group has partnered with Uber Eats to operate a fleet of food trucks in 25 cities to celebrate civic engagement and deliver free eats from Oct. 29 to Nov. 3, the spokesperson said. To request a special delivery to a polling place, ballot casters can fill out an online form to be verified by Pizza to the Polls before a truck is deployed.

If you know your belly will be rumbling in line, the spokesperson confirmed that the trucks will be stopping in the following cities during the six-day stretch until Election Day: Phoenix, Ariz.; 천사들, 칼리프.; 워싱턴, D.C.; Miami, Fla.; Tampa, Fla.; Orlando, Fla.; Gainesville, Fla.; 애틀랜타, Ga; Louisville, Ky.; 디트로이트, 나를.; Ann Arbor, 나를.; 미니애폴리스, Minn.; 샬럿, 체크 안함.; Raleigh, 체크 안함.; Greensboro, 체크 안함.; Las Vegas, Nev.; Reno, Nev.; 뉴욕, N.Y.; Philadelphia, 잘.; 피츠버그, 잘.; Charleston, S.C.; Nashville, Tenn.; Houston, 텍사스; 오스틴, 텍사스; 밀워키, Wis.

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“For those in cities where trucks are not available, Pizza to the Polls will collaborate with local restaurants to deliver some snacks and good vibes,” they added.

Pizza to the Polls is proud to have served up slices since 2016, but the organization feels its mission is more important than ever, as voter enthusiasm surges and problems plague polling sites across the country this year.

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If there’s one thing we can all agree on, the group claims, is that exercising our civic rights can surely work up an appetite. Therefore, plethoras of pizza are a great unifier – because there “ain’t nothing partisan about trying to make voting less of a drag.”

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