'Platitudes and political theater:' Tomi Lahren and All-Star panel react to Biden's address to Congress

エルモアがホストのトミ・ラーレンに加わった, に加えて フォックスネーション host David Webb そして Fox News contributor Jason Chaffetz, バイデンの住所に反応する, 追加する, “あなたはそれらすべての礼儀を1つのスピーチにかろうじて入れることができませんでした, 本当。”

When it came to substance, the panel agreed Biden’s message was one of bigger government, and less personal responsibility and freedom.

President Biden told us one thing very clearly: The almighty government funded by you, the American taxpayer, is your savior, your messiah, and your master,” Lahren asserted. “The government run by Democrats closed your businesses, your schools, and mandated healthy people stay at home — 今, that same government, almost completely controlled by Democrats and Joe Biden, wants to be your employer, your paycheck, your guardian, and your family.

The message tonight…wasn’t one of freedom or liberty. It wasn’t one of self-reliance or personal responsibility. It was one of depending upon the government for your health and safety; depending upon the government for your job; depending upon the government for your paycheck, and being allowed to go outside without a mask,” 彼女は続けた.

Chaffetz added that he felt much of the night was theater. “The visual was just an embarrassment,” said Chaffetz. “All of those people…have masks, and they’ve been vaccinated. I think that was more theater, and it was an embarrassment.

President Biden’s address to Congress: トップ 5 瞬間

The panelists also criticized Biden for relying on identity politics in a time when the country is deeply divideda stark contrast to the message of unity he touted during his Inaugural Address.

We’re back to identity politics,” Elmore said. “はい, it’s great to have people of every race, every ethnicity, and every gender represented in Washingtonbut doesn’t it matter what our qualifications are? Clearly not anymore.

All the programs Biden touted in his speech, Lahren noted, would raise taxes, and cost the American people money.

We’re going to be paying for it, so I hope there’s a lot of goodies in it for all of us,” Lahren said.

But Chaffetz wasn’t optimistic that Biden’s trillion-dollar plans are taking the fiscally responsible route.

More government, more control, less liberty, and more of our American tax dollars,” 彼は言った. “There’s nothing fiscally responsible about what he’s doing. It’s just all government, all the time.

このすべて, Lahren said, would leave the American voters with a tough choice during the midterm elections.

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“そう, at the end of the day, I think the American people are certainly going to have a choice in the midterm elections if they want to choose freedom once again in putting America first, or continue down this path of America last and control,” she concluded.

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