Modelo de Playboy apuesta por el pañuelo de despedida de Messi

Las lágrimas corrían hacia abajo. La semana pasada, Se anunció que el pañuelo que usó Messi para limpiar el dolor saldría a subasta y eso despertó el interés de la Sra.. Sandien, un gran fan de Barcelona. Una etiqueta de precio de $ 1 million was put on the handkerchief, but that didn’t stop Luana from throwing a bid on the table for the seller to think about.


I bid $ 600,000 to get the Messi handkerchief gone [sic], after that the ad disappeared,” she told European media outlets. “I gave more than half the advertised amount believing I would win, but the ad disappeared after my bid, out of nowhere.

The ad went off the air without giving more information about the outcome of the case, so we don’t know if anyone bought the artefact, or if the advertiser gave up on the idea.

I hope I made it,” ella añadió.

What was Sandien’s plan with the used tissue? She claimed it would be used as a prop for a naked photoshoot. This is marketing 101 during the Internet era. I have to believe the plan was to pay the $ 600k, do the photoshoot and then resell the tissue to some other fan for well over the $ 600k, take the profits and reinvest them somewhere else.

It reminds me of my plan with Cam Newton’s BCS game pants. I turned those things into millions of pageviews with an initial cost of $ 1,500. Do you guys realize the value of millions of pageviews? Way more than $ 1,500 and I still own those pants. That reminds me, does anyone want to buy Cam’s pants? I probably should sell those to an Auburn collector.

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