Playboy stel Oktober -omslag vry met 'n man

It’s Bretman, b—-,” het die maatskappy op Twitter gesê toe die Oktober -voorblad Vrydag onthul is.

Attached to the post was a short video of Bretman dressed in women’s lingerie and heels, with a bowtie and bunny ears completing the look.

Rock rose to fame as an influencer on YouTube and Vine, later releasing his own line of makeup to go along with the makeup tutorial videos he often posts.

Rock’s appearance on the Playboy cover will not be the first time he has appeared on a magazine cover, having previously been on the cover van “Gay Times” in 2019.

When he tells you to stop acting like a little Princess,” Bretman said of his appearance in that magazine at the time. “So honored to be the cover of @gaytimes for the Pride Month. I will always continue to use my platform to remind y’all that once you truly love yourself, you are unstoppable. You are what you believe, bitch, and I’m a star.

Rock celebrated his appearance in Playboy on sosiale media as well Friday.

Speel seun, a men’s lifestyle magazine that typically features women on its covers and throughout the magazine, has in recent years been willing to feature men on the cover.

Singer-songwriter Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio, better known as Bad Bunny, made history last summer by becoming the first male to appear alone on the Playboy cover besides the company’s late founder, Hugh Hefner.




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