'Police Academy' and Broadway star Marion Ramsey dies at 73

마리온 램지, 영화 프랜차이즈에서 Officer Laverne Hooks 역으로 가장 잘 알려진 여배우 “경찰 아카데미,” 목요일 로스 앤젤레스에서 사망 73, according to a statement to CNN from manager Roger Paul. No cause of death was given.

Marion carried with her a kindness and permeating light that instantly filled a room upon her arrival. The dimming of her light is already felt by those who knew her well. We will miss her, and always love her,” 성명은 말했다.
Born in Philadelphia, Ramsey’s entertainment career started on stage. She co-starred in Broadway shows, including productions ofEubie!” 과 “Grind,” and toured the nation in the musicalHello Dolly.
Ramsey began her way into television with a guest role on the hit seriesThe Jeffersons,” and was a regular inCos,” the Bill Cosby sketch comedy series.
    Marion Ramsey starred in six of the "경찰 아카데미인용;quot; 영화.

    Her most well-known role was in the 1984 영화 “경찰 아카데미” as Officer Hooks, whose soft-spoken demeanor was punctuated by memorable outbursts. Ramsey starred in five additional “경찰 아카데미” films through the 1980s.
    She started voice acting inThe Addams Familycartoon series from the early 1990s, which aired for two seasons.
    Ramsey was deeply committed to AIDS awareness and lent her voice for charitable causes, performing inDivas Simply Singing,” an annual fundraising event.
    Later in her TV and film career, she had guest appearances on Adult Swim showsRobot Chicken” 과 “Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!”
      에 2015, she reunited withPolicy Academystars Steve Guttenberg and Michael Winslow in the Syfy camp movieLavalantulaand its sequel “2 Lava 2 Lantula!” the following year. Her final acting role was in the 2018 indie filmWhen I Sing.
      She is survived by her three brothers.

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