La polizia sta cercando un coyote dopo che ha attaccato e ferito una ragazza a Huntington Beach

È in corso la ricerca di un coyote che ha attaccato e ferito una giovane ragazza a Huntington Beach, California, giovedì notte, secondo il dipartimento di polizia di Huntington Beach (HBPD).

The girl was taken to the hospital with serious but non life-threatening injuries.
Huntington Beach police said they arrived on the pier about 9:45 p.m. and found the injured girl. They didn’t release any other details about the child as she is a minor.
      Police say officers shot two coyotes on the beach after the attack Thursday night, secondo l'affiliata CNN KABC-TV.
        One coyote was found dead on the beach Friday morning near PCH and Goldenwest Street, but authorities do not believe it was the one involved in the attack, KABC-TV added.
            The HBPD said it’s working in coordination with the California Department of Fish and Game to track the coyote. It said officers wounded the animal when they shot at it Friday morning and are currently working to trap it. Once it is caught it will be euthanized, secondo la polizia.
            The HBPD said it has been conducting increased trapping efforts throughout the city over the last several weeks, and are asking the community to notify them of any coyote sightings by calling 714-960-8811.

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