Police break up 'illegal nightclub' in the basement of a Massachusetts home

马萨诸塞州的警察分手了 “非法夜总会” 在一个设有完整酒吧和女服务员的住宅地下室 — 该市正在调查可能违反Covid-19规定的情况.

After a complaint of loud music in a residential area of Lawrence, 马萨诸塞州, early Monday morning, police initially did not find anything but officers sawa large amount of foot trafficheading to a home on Springfield Street.
Upon further investigation, the Officers observed an ‘illegal night club,’ complete with a waitress and full bar,” according to a statement posted on the police department’s Facebook page.
The building had an estimated 100 people inside along with charcoal hookahs and external propane heaters being used, 警察说.
    CNN affiliate WCVB reported 那 20 tables and a bar were set up in the multifamily home’s basement, along with a whiteboard listing menu items. Police confiscated nearly 50 bottles of alcohol and liquor, WCVB reported.
    You wouldn’t be able to tell looking at it from the outside, that’s the whole point,” Police Chief Roy Vasque told WCVB. “They basically set up the basement like an elaborate club.
    Vasque told WCVB that authorities were concerned about the possibility of Covid-19 infections due to so many people crowding into a small room.
    This could be one of those super spreaders, 你懂, type of situations that you hear about,” Vasque told WCVB. “So absolutely inappropriate, irresponsible and stupid.
    Police are still investigating along with the city’s fire and inspection departments for possible safety violations due to the hookahs and propane heaters while the city’s Board of Health is investigating the Covid-19 violations.
    Vasque said fines could be levied against the building’s owner for safety violations, including a lack of smoke detectors. The property owner told police that the basement was supposed to be empty and police are still investigating who was running the estblishment, WCVB reported.
      Lawrence is about 28 miles north of Boston and has a population of 80,028 人, 根据 latest Census Bureau estimate.
      The city has reported 16,403 cases of Covid-19 and 211 死亡人数, 根据 Lawrence Board of Health. It currently has enough daily Covid-19 cases to place it in the red zone of Massachusetts’ 冠状病毒限制, the highest tier. For communities in the red zone, indoor gatherings at private residences are limited to 10 人.