Polisie identifiseer 2 broers vermoor in 'n skietery by 'n woonstel in Nashville. ’n Verdagte is ook dood

Nashville police have identified the brothers killed in a shooting at an apartment complex Friday night as Zacquez Sherrell, 18, en Tavarius Sherrell, 15.

The teens’ 40-year-old mother, hul 16- and 20-year-old sisters and their 13-year-old brother were all wounded. All are expected to recover.
Police also have identified one of two suspects as 29-year-old Christian Akail Johnson, who was shot to death. Police did not identify the second suspect.
      Robbery is among the motives being considered for the gunfire,” polisie gesê, noting detectives continue to work to establish a motive for the shooting.
        According to the victims, Johnson and another person entered their residence armed after apparently knocking on the front door, polisie gesê. Three guns were recovered inside.
          The series of events following their entry remains under investigation,” polisie gesê.

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