Police in Germany responded to a bomb alert -- and found a sex toy

A bomb alert in southern Alemania turned out to be a false alarm after a grenade-shaped object was found to be a sex toy.

A woman out jogging in the forest near Sonnen on Monday evening called the police after spotting what she thought was a hand grenade in a transparent plastic bag, according to a statement released by the local force Tuesday.
Officers from the Bavarian bomb unit were called in to assess the situation, and were fortunately able to give a swift all clear.
    After inspecting the plastic bag it became evident that it was only a fake plastic grenade,” lee la declaración, adding that two unused condoms, an empty bottle of lubricant and a USB cable were also found inside the bag.
      An internet search confirmed the suspicions, there are actually hand grenade sex toys,” said police.
        The bag had decomposed and must have been there for some time, de acuerdo con el comunicado.
        How the items got there and why they stayed there are now the object of speculation,” added police, who have since disposed of the items.
          Old bombs are not uncommon finds in Germany.
            En junio 2019, residents of Ahlbach, southern Germany, were awoken early one morning by a sudden blast which left a crater 33 feet wide and 13 feet deep in a cornfield. Police later said it wasalmost certainlycaused by a WWII bomb.
            Police defused an unexploded World War II bomb weighing 1,100 pounds in Berlin in April 2018, and in September 2019 casi 60,000 people were evacuated in Frankfurt after a 3,000-pound bomb was found.




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