Police officer killed by rooster while breaking up cockfight

A police officer has been killed by a rooster while attempting to break up an illegal cockfight in the Philippines, 당국은 말했다.

Police in the Northern Samar province said Lieutenant Christian Bolok was struck by the rooster’s gaffa metal blade attached to the bird for a fight.
The gaff hit Bolok’s femoral artery as he was confiscating the bird, 경찰은 말했다, 첨가: “He was rushed to the provincial hospital but was pronounced dead on arrival due to heavy blood loss.
There is a long history of both legal and illegal cockfighting in the Philippines, but the sport was banned in the region in August after it was found to have been a source of Covid-19 infections.
    A rooster is fitted with a razor sharp blade at a Philippines cockfight.

    Illegal cockfights in the country are known astupadaand often operate in underground locations to avoid detection by authorities.
    I have a heavy heart as we have lost a brother who sacrificed his own life in the name of service,” Northern Samar police provincial director Arnel Apud said in a statement sent to the government-run Philippines News Agency. “그만큼 (Philippine National Police) grieves the untimely death of Lt. Bolok and extends its deepest sympathy to his family and relatives.
    Three people were arrested at the event and three more suspects were identified but remain at large after escaping the raid, the Philippines News Agency 신고.
      Officers confiscated seven fighting cocks and recovered 550 pesos ($ 11).
      Bolok’s police force posted images from a memorial service held for the officer on Wednesday.




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