Police union blasts Philadelphia DA for not ‘doing his job’ after murder suspect’s release on reduced bail

Police union blasts Philadelphia DA for not ‘doing his job’ after murder suspect's release on reduced bail

Filadelfia law enforcement officials are pointing the finger at each other after a violent penale was released from jail.

The murder of 25-year-old Temple University graduate, Milan Loncarlies solely on the lapof District Attorney Larry Krasner, Philadelphia Fraternal Order of Police President John McNesby told “Fox e amici” Venerdì.

If he did his job, in his office, what he was elected to do, some of the [crimes] would stop,” McNesby said.


Police said Josephus Davis is one out of two suspects who were seen on surveillance video approaching Loncar while he was walking his dog on Jan 13. Loncar was allegedly patted down and shot in the city’s Brewerytown area, secondo VOLPE 29 a Philadelphia.

Davis reportedly paid $ 3,000 in bail on armed robbery and kidnapping charges. The suspect’s bail was dramatically reduced in part because of coronavirus pandemic-related court closures.

This goes right to the common theme of our district attorney here in Philadelphia. His ‘catch and release’ program, he’s experimenting with since 2017, is not working. Just this month we have 85 people shot in the City of Philadelphia, 12 of those were under the age of 18. We’re leading the league, Sfortunatamente, in murders this month alone, we have over 30,the Philadelphia Fraternal Order of Police president said.

McNesby went on to say District Attorney Krasner shows alack of effortwhen it comes to people committing street crimes.

There is no fear of repercussion in the City of Philadelphia. [Criminals] know they are going to get out and [Krasner] won’t do anything to them. It is a shame and hopefully, we can get him out of office and stop all this,” McNesby said.

The homicide rate in Philadelphia has increasingly surged over the years. The Philadelphia Police Department reported 315 homicides in 2017 and it has spiked to nearly 500 cases in 2020.

McNesby said there’s along listof crimes that continue to reoccur in the City of Philadelphia and District Attorney Krasner always blames everyone but himself.

The Philadelphia Fraternal Order of Police president said there’s a move to vote Krasner out in May of 2021.

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