Polish President Andrzej Duda: 'Family is the foundation of every nation'

Ospite Tucker Carlson introduced the Polish politician by referring to the latter’s previous experience defying the EU’s plans to distribute refugees across various nations in 2015.

The answer is very simple. We did not agree back then in 2015 to the so-called quota system of which was proposed by some of the EU member states which means that every single country would have to accept a given number of migrants. And we gave a very clear answer to that. Whoever wants to come to Poland, whoever’s looking for help or assistance, especially refugees who are looking for shelter because they are threatened by war or persecuted in their own countries, if they want to come to Poland, we want them to stay in Poland, to live in Poland,” Duda explained.


Carlson also remarked on Biden’s previous riferimento to Poland as atotalitarian regimeand Duda’s opposition.

How have your dealings with the Biden administration been since he has become president?” Carlson asked.

There’s a lot of lies spread about Poland. Innanzitutto, what some representatives of the Poland opposition are saying about the current Polish government is totally untrue, and the best proof of that is the fact that the incumbent government has won the election. They won the election back in 2019. I simply said people are happy with their government right now,” Duda answered.

Carlson then asked Duda to elaborate on his pro-family policies that have set his country apart in the Unione europea. Duda emphasized his consistent pledge to pushresolute and vast pro-family action.

The constitution stipulates that marriage is the union of a man and a woman and family are protected by the government in a special way. So for the first time since 1989, we have embarked upon a very resolute and vast pro-family action. When I was running for president back in 2015, I also made a pledge and I said that we should start a pro-family policy,” Duda said.

Duda explained his policies included directly funding families an additional $ 130 a month per child as well as additional funding for school supplies. Ma ancora più importante, he stressed his own pro-life and pro-family beliefs.

But to me, a politician speaking openly, I consider myself to be rather conservative. And I actually was always frank about my views. I’m a Christian. I’m a practicing Christian. I pray. I’m not ashamed of that whatsoever, and to me the value of family is priceless. I do support families. I’m pro-life. I defend life. I believe that life is sacred. I believe it should be guarded. And families have to be supported as strong as they can because family is the foundation of every nation. Everything is based on family. Perciò, the support with which we offer families for the political perspective, from my personal perspective is key importance,” Duda said.


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