Pompeyo: Biden has done 'almost nothing' to bring stranded Americans in Afghanistan home

MIKE POMPEO: Esto es trágico. creo [la Biden administration] claramente engañó al pueblo estadounidense, no solo el presidente sino el secretario de defensa, como hablaste de.

Por el tiempo más largo, they talked about barely triple digits. We now know there are tens of thousands of people that have a right to return back to the United States of America. Our government has done almost nothing to bring them back. This is worse than just incompetence. This is an absence of caring about Americans and those who have a right to come to the United States of America. We’ve completely abandoned them. The president won’t even talk about these things.

We are not serious. We and our Departamento de Estado Twitter feed today, we’re talking about intersectionality and pronouns when we’ve got Americans behind enemy lines in Afghanistan. This is this is deeply troubling, it is disconcerting. It is horrific to the family members of these people who are here in the United States. And we have a responsibility to get them back. I am now counting on private-sector efforts to do thisI hope the government will at least not get in the way of these private groups who are trying to get folks home.


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