Pompeo explains why he would welcome Trump's return to Twitter

MIKE POMPEO: credo [Trump returning to Twitter would] be fantastic and it would be right to put him back on. It’d be right to put back every conservative who’s been taken off or throttled down or shadow-banned or whatever the right word is. We’ve seen it in my own account. There should be a place for people to speak their mind, speak freely, and speak about the things that matter to America. And I think President Trump and everyone who wants to be out there should be allowed to be back on Twitter. I’m glad to hear what Mr. Musk is going to do when he gets a hold.


He delivered an important message. It allowed us to break glass for four years, to change a lot of the things that had put America in a bad place under the Obama administration. It’s been most unfortunate to watch them undo so much of what we did. So I welcome the president back to Twitter. I welcome everyone who’s been abandoned or kicked off or shut down. This is a place for free speech. And if I were the Left, I would not be welcoming conservative voices back into the marketplace. There’s a reason they’ve tried to cancel or shut us down. And I think letting those voices be heard is only inured to the benefit of America and the conservative movement.





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