Pompeo on 'America's Newsroom': Risk of something else leaking from Wuhan lab 'very real'

研究蝙蝠冠状病毒的武汉病毒学家与军事科学家有关, 报告说

迈克·蓬佩奥: “I know the Chinese Communist Party has enormous control but we’ve seen this before. There will be folks there who it was morally troubling to. They watched the cover-up. They watched doctors die under strange circumstances. They saw journalists disappear. They saw the things that will bother them deeply.

I think the Chinese Communist Party won’t be able to contain this cover-up forever. It may take months, it could take years. I think we’ll get those answers, 但, we have to be asking for them. We have to be actively working for it.

We need every American citizen to understand what happened and we need both parties on Capitol Hill working to get this information for the American people and for the world. This lab is still open. This lab is still operational. I’ve seen no indications they increased safety procedures. The risk for something like this to happen is very real and we need to know if it came from this laboratory.