Pop duo Aly & AJ release explicit version of ‘Potential Breakup Song’

Pop duo Aly & AJ release explicit version of 'Potential Breakup Song'

Pop duo Aly & AJ have finally dropped the long-awaited new explicit version of their hit songPotential Breakup Song.”

The Michalka sisters released the original, clean song in 2007 and fans were aching for an edgier version all these years later. 

“Potential Breakup Song” was from their album “Insomniatic” and peaked at No. 17 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Aly, 31, previously told Us Weekly, “We like the song. I think that we’re proud of it. But I would produce that song a lot differently now when I think about it.”


AJ, 29, chimed in, “Yeah, same. I would love that song to get, like, a facelift… I do like revisiting that song live and playing it for our fans. But I agree. I think the way pop music has changed now, we’d reproduce it and make it kind of a whole other thing.”

Fans reacted to the new song on social media and were thrilled to have the updated lyrics. 

Amanda and Alyson Michalka of 'Aly & AJ' in 2019. 

Amanda and Alyson Michalka of ‘Aly & AJ’ in 2019.  (Santiago Felipe/Getty Images)

“The only good thing that happened in 2020 was getting the adult version of potential breakup song,” said one person. 

“Aly and AJ re-recorded Potential Breakup Song and I’m about to go slash a man’s tires,” joked another. 

“I (genuinely) want to cry,” pointed out a user. “Potential Breakup Song was such a big part of my good childhood memories. This explicit version is everything @alyandaj.”


Another added, “Therapy isn’t free but listening to potential breakup song by aly & aj on repeat is.”

In early December, Aly & AJ dropped a new single “Slow Dancing” from their compilation album “We Don’t Stop” released on Nov. 30.

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