Possible world record catfish caught in Connecticut

A Connecticut man recently set a new record in the state after catching a large catfish. The fish nearly doubled the weight the of the previous record and according to recent reports, it could be a new world record.

Ben Tomkunas caught a 21.3-pound White Catfish in Coventry Lake last month. According to a Facebook post from the Connecticut Fish and Wildlife, the previous record had only been 12.75 파운드.


The post stated, “Holy White Catfish Batman! Congrats to Ben Tomkunas who shattered the former CT state record (12.75 파운드) for the White Catfish with this 21.3 pound monster from Coventry Lake. This was a tough one to verify as Channel Cats and White Cats, especially when so large, look very similar. With multiple sets of expert eyes, we confirm the new state record.

Tomkunas spoke with the Hartford Courant about the catch, 속담, “We were just sitting back and drinking a couple of beers and next thing you know, my reel just starts screaming like I had a 30-pound striper on there.

While the record for Connecticut has been confirmed, the fish could possibly set a new world record.

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The current record for white catfish, as recorded by the International Game Fish Association, was set in 2005 에 대한 19.3 pound catfish caught in California. Yahoo News reports that Tomkunas plans on submitting his claim to the International Game Fish Association in hopes to verify the record.

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