El director general de correos Louis DeJoy se disculpa de nuevo por la lentitud del correo

Postmaster General Louis DeJoy apologized on Wednesday for slow mail during the peak holiday season, considerándolo “inaceptable.”

“Pido disculpas a aquellos clientes que sintieron el impacto de nuestros retrasos.,” DeJoy said at a House Oversight and Reform Committee hearing. “All of us at the Postal Service, from our Board, to our leadership team, to our union and association leadership, to every employee strive to do better in our service to the American peopleand we will do better.
DeJoy said the problems the Postal Service faced make more evident the need for reform. He is expected to release a new 10-year plan, which he said in his opening statement will be finalizedsoon.
The status quo should be acceptable to no one,” él dijo.
    DeJoy previously apologized for slow service last year when there were questions about whether mail-in ballots would be delivered on time for the 2020 elección.
    Esta historia se está rompiendo y se actualizará.

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