Prince Philip's will to be kept secret for 90 年, 英国の裁判所の規則

フィリップ王子の意志, インクルード late husband of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth, 封印され、少なくともしばらくは非公開のままになります 90 years to preserve the monarch’s dignity, a judge at London’s High Court has ruled.

フィリップ, エディンバラ公, who had been married to the 95-year-old British monarch for more than seven decades, の年齢で亡くなりました 99 at his wife’s Windsor Castle home to the west of London on April 9.
In keeping with a convention dating back to 1910, Andrew McFarlane, the president of the court’s Family Division, said he had agreed Philip’s will should be sealed upand that no copy of the will should be made for the record or kept on the court file.
    He also ruled in favor of the requestto exclude the value of the estate from the grant of probate.
      The degree of publicity that publication would be likely to attract would be very extensive and wholly contrary to the aim of maintaining the dignity of the Sovereign,” McFarlane said in a ruling published on Thursday.
        He said the convention was that following the death of a senior royal, an application to seal the will was made to the Family Division president, with such hearings and judgments kept private.
        しかしながら, 彼は言った “as is plain from this judgmenthe considered it was anecessary and proportionate intrusion into the private affairs of Her Majesty and the Royal Family to make public the fact that an application to seal the will of HRH The Prince Philiphas been made and granted in private, and to explain the underlying reasons.
          The judge said 90 years should pass from the granting of probate before the will should be unsealed in private before possible publication, a period he said wasproportionate and sufficient.
            He said the first royal whose will was sealed was Prince Francis of Teck, who was the younger brother of George V’s wife Queen Mary. He said he was the custodian of a safe containing more than 30 envelopes with the wills of dead royals.
            The most recent additions were made in 2002 following the deaths of Queen Elizabeth’s mother, エリザベス, and her sister Princess Margaret, 彼は言った.




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