Pringles wants a spider named after it

ニューヨーク (CNNビジネス)Pringles and spiders are probably two things you don’t associate with each other — until now.

ザ・ ケロッグ (K)-owned brand is petitioning thearachnid communityto recognize the little-known Kidney Garden spider as the Pringles Spider. The reason, the snack food maker says, is because it has an uncanny resemblance to its mustachioed logo.
“に 1968 the world was introduced to the iconic Pringles can and logo, but little did we know there was a creature amongst us who was unknowingly spreading the Pringles love,” said Mauricio Jenkins, PringlesUS marketing lead, in a press release.
    Pringles logo seen on its packaging.

    アン online petition began last week and has just over 1,000 署名. If it’sofficially recognized by the arachnid community,” Pringles said it will give away 1,500 free cans to the first 1,500 signatories to celebrate the spider’s new name.
      Pringles is petitioning the International Society for Arachnology and nine other similar organizations for the name change. による Nature World News, the kidney spider has had that name since 1886 and is a native of Southeast Asia and can be found in Thailand, Singapore and Vietnam.
          This is the latest publicity stunt wrought on to us from Pringles, including selling NFT そして candles. これは parent company recently announced it’s splitting into three different companies, with one of them being focused on snacks.




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