Professional sports teams feel deja vu as games are rescheduled amid COVID surge

That’s because the NFL rearranged its Week 15 schedule as COVID-19 cases surge among the players, 100 of whom tested positive over three days last week.

连续第二年, 专业的 体育 teams aren’t just worried about their opponent — they’re worried about whether there are enough players to play the game.

Just like anywhere else, you have to think about can you operate your business if everybody is sick?” said Brian Labus, infectious disease epidemiologist and assistant professor at the University of Nevada-Las Vegas. “The NFL is no different. They have to think about how they’re going to manage this when there is a pandemic going on.


The NFL saw a record high of COVID-positive players last week, including the Cleveland Browns’ quarterback Baker Mayfield.

The league 推迟了 three of its Week 15 游戏, allowing time for some of the players to receive a negative test result.

The problem the NFL is seeing is that they started testing a lot of people, and they were finding positives, and they had to deal with that and cancel games, postpone games, do things like that, which is affecting their ability to play,” Labus said.