Professor says students no longer taught civics, instead indoctrinated into anti-American globalist theory

Suffolk County College Professor Nicholas Giordano joined 폭스 네이션'에스 “투커 칼슨 투데이to warn that students are not learning even the basics of American law, the Constitution or even the correct story of the Founding. The latter has been borne out through the New York Times’ 1619 계획, which incorrectly claims America was founded on racism rather than a common humanitarian ideal.

While everyone is focused on Critical Race Theory that is being pushed, this started 20 여러 해 전에,” he said of the left-wing theory in which the Times’ 1619 Project is based.


This whole devaluing of America — and that’s probably the biggest problem, because with the citizenship exam and the Constitution exercise I do, it got me curious as to what students are actually learning.

You’ll find that they are not really learning about our government; they’re not learning about the Constitution, the roles and responsibilities of the institutionsIt’s taking more of a globalist approach and when they do focus on the United States, they’re focusing on the negative aspects, their past sins as opposed to totality of the American experience,” 그는 덧붙였다. “That’s not education, and that’s a big problem.

Giordano said they are using the otherwise understood termcivics” 과 “trying to masqueradeit as a form of anti-American activism.

최근까지, 그는 지적했다, 미국. education system was meant to build out the national identity and the ideas of assimilation and E Pluribus Unum –Out of Many, 하나” – which is even printed on U.S. coinage.

That’s gone,” he warned. “We’re not really teaching that anymore; 사실로, we actually kind of teach the opposite with this global point of view: that we have to do what’s in the world’s best interest, as opposed to America’s best interest.

And so we’re not really as connected as we used to beand we’re destroying the whole idea of E Pluribus Unum.

As an educator, Giordano noted that it is not his job to indoctrinate, but rather literally educate students on the issues from all sides.

“[Students need to] learn how to come up with succinct arguments. If you come into my classroom and you’re coming in with a left point of view, I’m going to hit you with a right-wing point of view. If you come in with a right-wing point of view, I’m going to challenge you from the left. Because it’s not my role to indoctrinate my students on the issues,” 그는 말했다.

It’s to get them to come to their own conclusions. They’re plenty capable when they have the information to do just that.

The common ideal of this new globalist education curriculum being installed in school, he posited, is that we as a people mustbind ourselves to the government apparatus– and that the government should and will control your life and what is best for you.

That idea, 그는 말했다, is behind the push for “공평” 위에 “equality.

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