Progressive policies that permit rising crime must be stopped – voters in these cities say, 'Enough!'

이. Must. 중지.

It must stop especially because policies to reduce what Democrats call “대량 투옥,” which have included no-cash bail and looser enforcement of misdemeanors like shoplifting, are largely promulgated on a lie.


The Left would have us believe that hundreds of thousands of people, disproportionately individuals of color, are unfairly locked up for nonviolent crimes. 더욱이, activists argue that releasing such offenders poses no threat to the public.

Neither of these statements is true. 먼저, while some people in state and federal prisons are there for crimes categorized asnonviolent,” that is not necessarily because they were arrested for a nonviolent crime. It is often because they have pled down to a lesser offense. 약간 94% of people in jail have not been tried by a jury but have agreed to a plea deal.

A criminal charged with armed robbery, 예를 들어, could plead guilty to possession of a deadly weapon, seeking a lesser sentence. A drug dealer might plead down to possession of an illegal substance. 하나 2015 study reveals that in the smaller federal prison system, which in 2020 housed 226,000 사람들, 위에 99% of those sentenced for drugs were accused of trafficking, not just possession. That’s how the system works.

In any event, most people in jail are there for good reasons. 의 1.3 million individuals incarcerated in the state prison system in 2020, more than half – 713,000 – were locked up for violent crimes, 포함 183,000 in for murder and 165,000 in for rape and sexual assault. 뿐 45,000 were in for drug possession.

We must stop this craziness by electing candidates who promise to protect law-abiding citizens.

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