Proposed policy in Virginia school could have 'significant constitutional concerns' warns America First Legal

The Fairfax County School Board was scheduled to vote Thursday on proposed changes to the Fairfax County Public Schools Student Rights and Responsibilities handbook, which would increase the punishment for students in grades four through six formalicious deadnaming” en “malicious misgenderingof classmates. While the school board is still meeting Thursday evening, the vote on the policy has been rescheduled for June 16, 2022.

Die brief, signed by AFL Senior Adviser Ian Prior, leesTargeting and punishing young children to advance gender ideology reflects a distressing lack of prudence and judgment, and a deep disregard for Fairfax students and parents.

“Daarom, we urge you to withdraw the proposed amendments to … the Student Rights and Responsibilities handbook. Should [the Fairfax County School Board] redraft them, it should do so only in strict compliance with the federal and state law, and in a manner that truly advances and respects the interests and legal rights of all FCPS children, their parents, and guardians,” die brief gaan voort.