Psaki calling Columbus police shooting 'systemic racism' example of 'mindless woke-ism': Henninger

헤 닝거: “나는 그것의 매우 속상한 것 같아요, 마사, 미국 대통령 대변인이 내가 무의미한 깨어남으로 만 설명 할 수있는 일에 참여하는 것을 듣고. 그녀가 그렇게 말했을 때, many people had seen the police footage, the body camera [피트 길이] of what actually happened. It was clearly a situation in which this woman, 16-한 살, was trying to kill two people with a knife. The police had about twelve seconds to respond after they got out of the car. It was a case study and a situation in which the police were called to deal with a highly deadly situation.

For Jen Psaki, speaking for the president of the United States to saythis is an example of police abuse and systemic racism in society,” I think diminishes the idea of that. Many people are trying to address it in good faith and when she talks about something like this as simply systemic racism, it makes people recoil and ask, what is the president of the United States talking about? How detached from reality can they get?

This is one of the problems people are having with this argument about police brutality. There’s a lot of violent crime in the cities around this country. The critics of the police seem to be suggesting that if police practices changed or policing was even reduced, as the left argues, that somehow this violent crime would diminish or go away. It seems illogical. 그래서 질문은, what precisely are they proposing that the police do to end this extraordinary level of violence happening in America’s cities right now?

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