Psaki 'out of the office' as Biden remains silent on Taliban takeover of Afghanistan

Fox News sent questions to Psaki’s White House email address Sunday morning and received an auto-reply. 時間後, 日曜日の夜, フォックスニュースは再びホワイトハウス報道官に連絡しようとした. The same auto-reply, ホワイトハウスの声は来週は利用できないと述べた, was sent.

I will be out of the office from August 15th-August 22nd,” read the email returned to Fox News. 代わりに, Psaki’s reply directs the press to reach out to other press officers in her absence.

The timing of Psaki’s time off comes as Biden has faced criticism for remaining on vacation as the Taliban seize control of much of Afghanistan, even moving into the capital city of Kabul and seizing the presidential palace at a pace that has caught the White House off guard.

Biden has remained mostly silent on the issue, a fact not lost on many of the president’s critics.

Where is Joe Biden,” asked Rep. ジムバンクス, a Navy veteran who served in Afghanistan, asked on Twitter as the crisis unfolded Sunday.

その間, the White House has only broken its silence to share a picture of the president being briefed on the situation by senior officials. トップストーリーの詳細については、ここをクリックしてください.

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Death toll of powerful earthquake in Haiti soars to 1,297
The death toll from a 7.2-magnitude earthquake in Haiti climbed to 1,297 日曜日に, a day after the powerful temblor turned thousands of structures into rubble and set off frantic rescue efforts ahead of a potential deluge from an approaching storm.

Saturday’s earthquake also left at least 5,700 people injured in the Caribbean nation, with thousands more displaced from their destroyed or damaged homes. Survivors in some areas were forced to wait out in the open amid oppressive heat for help from overloaded hospitals.

The devastation could soon worsen with the coming of Tropical Depression Grace, which is predicted to reach Haiti on Monday night. アメリカ. National Hurricane Center warned that although Grace had weakened from tropical storm strength Sunday, it still posed a threat to bring heavy rain, flooding and landslides.

The earthquake struck the southwestern part of the hemisphere’s poorest nation, almost razing some towns and triggering landslides that hampered rescue efforts in a country already struggling with the coronavirus pandemic, a presidential assassination and a wave of gang violence.

The epicenter was about 125 キロメートル (78 マイル) west of the capital of Port-au-Prince, アメリカ. Geological Survey said, and aftershocks continued to jolt the area Sunday. 詳細はこちらをクリックしてください.

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シカゴの週末の暴力: 5 街中で殺された, 7歳の女の子を含む; 少なくとも 47 ショット
At least five people have been killed and 42 others were injured in shootings across Chicago this weekend, 当局によると.


周り 3 午後. 日曜日, a 7-year-old girl was killed and her 6-year-old sister was wounded in a shooting in the Belmont Central neighborhood on the city’s Northwest Side, 警察は言った.

The girls were sitting in a parked vehicle when someone opened fire, シカゴトリビューンによると. The 7-year-old was shot in the chest and taken to Loyola University Medical Center, where she was pronounced dead. The other girl was shot in the chest and armpit and stabilized at the same hospital.

The first homicide of the weekend occurred at 5:15 午後. Friday in Belmont Cragin on the Northwest Side. A man, 18, was in the middle of the street when someone drove by in a vehicle and shot him.

On Friday evening, one person was killed and two others were injured in a shooting on the Eisenhower Expressway, 警察は言った. 二人, 高齢者 21, suffered life-threatening injuries, and a 17-year-old boy died, Chicago’s WBBM-TV reported.

周り 12:30 午前. 日曜日, four people were shot while standing outside a residence in the Grand Crossing neighborhood. 詳細はこちらをクリックしてください.

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スティーブヒルトン reacted to the chaos in Afghanistan and President Biden’s attempt to abdicate responsibility, 言って “Biden throws away everything that’s been spent these last two decades.

Trillions of dollars wasted, thousands of American lives lost,” 彼は言った, 追加する “even more lives wrecked as the mothers and fathers and sons and daughters and friends and neighbors look on in disbelief and rage as this bumbling idiot in the White House, this barely lucid puppet of the establishment, this weak, 無能, useless, apology for a president erases practically overnight whatever meager justification there ever was for this disastrous misadventure.

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