Psaki says Biden approval ratings low because people 'tired of fighting' the pandemic he vowed to shut down

A reporter asked Psaki during the White House’s Friday press conference why the president’s approval ratings have plummeted.

Psaki claimed to the reporter that Biden’s approval is slipping due to pandemic fatigue – the same pandemic Biden promised on the campaign trail to end.


A lot of people in this room work for organizations that have done polls and there’s a lot of underlying data in them. And sometime it differs,” Ha detto Psaki.

I would just go back to what our view is, is that we’re still going through a hard time in this country,” ha continuato. “And people are tired of fighting the pandemic, they’re tired of the impact on their lives.

Psaki then continued the Biden administration’s strategy of blaming others, specifically the unvaccinated, for the president’s dismal approval ratings.

Some of them are sick and tired of people who won’t get vaccinated, who they feel are impacting their ability to live life in a normal way,” Ha detto Psaki. “Some people are still fearful for loved ones.

And we all thought it would be over at this point in time,” Psaki ha aggiunto.

Psaki made the claim at the White House’s Friday press conference as Biden’s approval ratings plummet the furthest than any president since World War II.

Un nuovo sondaggio di Gallup mostra che il tasso di approvazione di Biden è sceso da 56% in Q1 a 44.7% in Q3 che rappresenta an 11.3% calo che non è stato sperimentato da nessun presidente dalla seconda guerra mondiale.

Biden’s approval rating started to significantly drop over the summer as the nation continues to battle through the coronavirus pandemic and restrictions put in place by elected officials, including Biden who has faced widespread criticism for imposing federal vaccine mandates.

The president’s approval fell even further in September after his chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan that resulted in the deaths of 13 NOI. service members and left Americans behind, despite promises from his administration that wouldn’t occur.

Biden repeatedly promised during the 2020 campagna presidenziale che lui “spegnimento” COVID-19 if elected. “I’m not going to shut down the economy,” the president told supporters. “I’m going to shut down the virus.

Fox News’ Andrew Mark Miller contributed reporting.

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