Psaki's claim that Biden 'saved Christmas' is wanting credit for doing their job: Pavlich

“[私]t’s always interesting when politicians want credit for doing their job,” 木曜日に共同ホストのケイティ・パブリッチは言った. “最初, the administration claimed that there wasn’t a supply chain crisis, and now they’re claiming victory for eliminating the supply chain crisis. And OK, 承知しました, the stores may be more stocked than they were a month ago, but families can’t afford it. Their natural gas bills are up by 40% thanks to this administration. Their gas that they fill up their car [と] to go Christmas shopping costs twice as much as it did a year ago. All of their savings are getting wiped out by inflation.


There are no specific policies that the administration implemented [to alleviate the supply chain crisis],” added co-host Sean Duffy.

ザ・ ホワイトハウス is attempting to distract Americans from thetesting crisisand his economic approval rating, which is the worst since former President Jimmy Carter’s, said co-host ケイリー・マケニー.

Biden’s average economic approval rating across December polls is -13 ポイント, 彼女は付け加えた.