Quentin Tarantino's last movie is now a novel

“Eens in Hollywood” is nou a book.

Two years after the theatrical release of the movie, director and writer Quentin Tarantino has turned the story into a novel.
“Hollywood 1969 … You shoulda been there!” is the tagline of the book, which looks like a pulp novel.
    “Eens in Hollywood,” the book, is 400 pages and follows much of the movie’s dialogue and screenplay, but it also features some new elements.
      The movie’s ending, featuring Rick Dalton (Leonardo Dicaprio) facing the Manson family, is in the beginning of the book.
          Tarantino also delves deeper into Manson and his life and expands the story to explore more of the scene in Los Angeles at that time.
          Harper Collins, which published the book, describes it asQuentin Tarantino’s long-awaited first work of fictionat once hilarious, heerlik, and brutalis the always surprising, sometimes shocking new novel based on his Academy Award-winning film.




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