Rachel Campos-Duffy: L'amministratore di Biden è pienamente consapevole dell'intento dannoso alla base di questi mandati

CAMPOS-DUFFY: Non fare errori, Joe Biden declared war on freedom yesterday and took authoritarianism to a whole new level by forcing vaccini on millions of Americans. Biden threw the constitution out the window as he issued medical mandates for federal employees, scuole, and even private businesses, but apparently, Kamala Harris didn’t get the memo.

KAMALA HARRIS, THURSDAY: “When people are able to make choices without government interference, for themselves in terms of their wellbeing and the wellbeing of their family in consultation with whomever they may choosewe are a stronger society.

Now the vice president obviously wasn’t talking about vaccines, as she supports those mandates. No, no she was defending aborto and doubling down on the administration’s war on the unborn. Now Kamala clearly doesn’t know what is going on in the White House and is incapable of staying on message, but don’t let her incompetence fool you. The Biden administration is fully aware of what they are doing and the malicious intent behind these mandates.

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