Rachel Campos-Duffy: Drugs, cartel members and gangs coming across the border

RACHEL CAMPOS-DUFFY: Rightfully, there’s been a lot of attention on the children that have come across the border because it’s such a catastrophic humanitarian thing to witness, but…the other part of the story is who are we not seeing that’s coming across the border? And it’s usually drugs and cartel members and Mafioso type people and gangs. And that’s a real problem.

The problem with just sending money to Latin America while the young, industrious people who should be home in their home countries calling for reform is you get the money into these often-corrupt governments without the political pressure. You need people there to create this political pressure to get the reform that’s needed to really change, fundamentally, those countries, in addition to the security and other issues.

So what you’re doing is you’re putting off what needs to happen structurally and fundamentally in those countries so that they can have a safe place to live and not come to our country. And often it is the most resourceful, the youngest, the strongest, the bravest, who leave those countries to make this dangerous perilous journey to our country. And, that’s bad for those countries. Again, we need to help them with security, but just sending money is never the answer. And that seems to be what the Biden administration wants to do.


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