Rachel Campos Duffy: If you're going to shutdown a major formula plant, you need to find other sources

RACHEL CAMPOS DUFFY: You know, it’s so interesting because this past week you started the week by doing a monologue talking about the fact that the left is waging a war on God. And I would say they’re also waging a war on families. And if you look at what they’ve done, everything from, you know, CRT, inflation, abortion, gender ideology in your child’s school, even the crime rate, all of this is making it harder for you to have and raise a family. And so this baby formula situation, you know, it may not be intentional. Maybe it’s just incompetence on their part, but it just shows you that they just don’t care. It’s not a priority for them. I mean, look, they knew you laid it out perfectly. The FDA told this company, this Abbott firm, that makes formula that they had to shut down, which is good if there was potential contamination. We want that. Yes. But they knew that they produce 40% of our nation’s formula, which, by the way, again, not a very healthy arrangement there, but they knew that. And so they better have a plan if they’re going to shut down the plant to either get it up and going quickly or source formula from some other place. But they didn’t do that. 


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