Rachel Campos-Duffy slams Biden for 'authoritarian' COVID mandates

RACHEL CAMPOS DUFFY: Esta noche – Joe Biden está desesperado por cambiar la narrativa, y ha encontrado el plan perfecto para que la nación deje de pensar en sus fracasos en Afganistán..

He’s not mad at the Taliban anymore – he’s angry at youor at least the 80 million Americans who haven’t been vaccinated – what happened to him being the president for all Americans?

Pero espera – this is the same administration that promised us last spring that they would never crush the freedom of millions of Americans.


And Biden’s assault on our rights doesn’t stop at the public sector – as the white house is going after private businesses – maybe even your employer.


Democrats and the media spent four years calling Donald Trump a tyrant – but what we just saw from Joe Biden is more authoritarian than anything Donald Trump ever tried.

Biden will tell you he’s making these decisions because he cares about the lives of Americansbut don’t be fooled.

On the very same day, the White House cracked down on freedoms and forced millions of Americans to undergo a medical procedure – his Department of Justice is suing the state of Texas… and doing everything it can to support the murder of untold numbers of unborn babies.


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