Raiders' Jon Gruden on fights at joint practice with Rams: 'That’s enough of that crap'

The Raiders and Rams held the joint practices ahead of their preseason matchup over the weekend. But the two days were marred by skirmishes. 根据 ESPN, the end of practices was started and stopped four times before the practices were ended.

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I thought we had great work today until right at the end of the special teams period. I have no idea what that was, but that’s enough of that crap. It’s not good for football, that’s not good for anything. 所以, that’s the end of that practice session,” Gruden told reporters after practice Thursday.

When asked about whether there was a message to the team, Gruden said there wasn’t.


There is no message. They know better. Everybody knows better, and again it wasn’t everybody fighting,” 他加了. “It will be on TV; you’ll see a bunch of guys screaming and yelling. But it was two guys in a special teams period and then it was a lot of trash talking that escalated. It’s just sickening really. It’s just stupidity, but I’m done with that. That’s just child’s play to me.

Rams coach Sean McVay said he was just glad no one got injured and added he wasn’t sure what caused the fights.

I thought today was a good start. We didn’t get exactly everything that we had anticipated, which it’s a little bit of a bummer, but there were so few snaps left that it’s not a huge deal. We would have liked to have gotten the rest of that special teams’ period and then we had eight plays in a move the ball sequence that we were going to get for both offense and defense. That was what we missed out on.

Rams defensive lineman 亚伦·唐纳德 said he wasn’t surprised that practice was called off early.

“没有, it’s football man. 老实说, every joint practice I’ve ever been a part of, there’s always a fight. The way things happened yesterday, how physical it was, I was pretty sure it was going to come back and be a lot of BS,” 他加了.