Rams-Chargers 게임은 SoFi 스타디움에서 팬 간의 미친 싸움을 특징으로 합니다.

2분기 활동 중, 두 명의 팬이 한 명의 팬보다 먼저 서로를 오가며, who was wearing an Aaron Donald jersey, 그가 등을 돌리고 있는 동안 그에게 술을 던졌다..

더 많은 스포츠 범위를 보려면 여기를 클릭하십시오. .

The man with the Donald jersey turned around and lashed a backhand at a couple of the other fans in front of him. That’s when the fight broke out and punches were thrown. Three or four fans, who appeared to be in the same group, teamed up and started attacking the fan with the Donald jersey.

A separate fight between two fans broke out, which left one man’s face bloodied.

These fights were ongoing for a while before security finally arrived to break up the fight.

Darius Bradwell rushed for a touchdown in the third quarter to lead the Los Angeles Chargers 에 13-6 victory over the Rams in the first NFL game with fans at SoFi Stadium. 거의 70,000 football fans filled up the terraces, concourses and party areas for the matchup.

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