Rand Paul knocks Biden on 'terrible' Afghanistan withdrawal, says we stayed 'too long'

CIA長官, カブールでタリバン指導者が会う, アフガニスタン: ライブアップデート

ランドポール: バイデンは撤退でひどい仕事をしたと思います. そう, いいえ、まったくうまく実行されなかったと思います. だが, we did need to leave and there has been a consensus for a decade or more to leave. そう, the problem isn’t in leaving—the problem is that we stayed too long. The longer we stayed the more the expectations were, but the more complacent the Afghans grew as we fought their battles. Year after year we fought their battles and so they had to step up and when the time came—you know instead of James Madison or Monroe rallying the troops in 1812—the guy got on a plane and flew out immediately and left the country and all his soldiers laid down their arms.